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We provide several dumpster sizes for commercial/industrial use. We bill our dumpsters on a monthly basis, and we offer weekly or bi-weekly pick up. Below are the sizes and prices.

Size                 Bi-weekly                   Weekly          

1 yard              $45/month                   $51/month

2 yard              $51/month                   $63/month

3 yard              $56/month                   $76/month

4 yard              $65/month                   $93/month

6 yard             $72/month                    $115/month

8 yard                n/a                               $135/month

Dumpster locks available – $25 lock & set-up fee – $10/month additional


Permanent Roll-Off Dumpsters:

Available for POSEY, VANDERBURGH, GIBSON, and WARRICK counties

A permanent roll-off would be used for industrial garbage when rear load containers are not enough.  All of our Roll-Off containers have an 8’ wide door for access to carry the larger/heavier items into the back of the dumpster.

20 yard – 4’ tall, 8’ wide, 22’ long

30 yard – 6’ tall, 8’ wide, 22’ long

40 yard – 8’ tall, 8’ wide, 22’ long

Call for pricing – (812) 985-9900



Our recycle program is continually growing! Tri-State Resource Recycling Center sorts everything, so it makes it a little easier for you! The recycle center is accepting tin, aluminum, mixed papers, newspaper, magazines, cardboard, and all plastics. No glass, trash, or Styrofoam  is allowed. We are currently expanding this program and can place recycle dumpsters. If you are interested in a recycle dumpster please call our office.

Size                 Bi-weekly                   Weekly          

1 yard              $45/month                   $51/month

2 yard             $51/month                   $63/month

3 yard             $56/month                   $76/month

4 yard             $65/month                   $93/month

6 yard             $72/month                   $115/month

8 yard               n/a                               $135/month